About Us

Having tried many different cereal varieties and flavors in stores, I found the oatmeal to be one of the healthiest, and granola to be one of the best tasting. But oatmeal is bland without the same full flavor as granola. Plus I am very much into fitness, so I wanted something more nutritious than granola to fuel my workouts without all the added sugar, salt and oils. I also could not find any muesli that was both tasty and certified organic. This inspired me to create an all organic muesli with no added sugar and great taste.

I went on a mission to create the very best breakfast cereal I could by solving a need in the market. I began experimenting for years with the highest quality organic 100% whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices. After testing out new recipes every week for three years, I found just the right combination of ingredients that were everything I needed health-wise and tasted great. I launched Sean's Muesli Munch® in October of 2013. A versatile cereal that can be served cold with milk or yogurt like granola or hot like oatmeal without sweetener needed.

As I was passionate about organic foods having been brought up by parents that were dedicated to eating well, I decided to make sure Sean's Muesli Munch® was certified organic and non-GMO. For the first six years I ran the business on my family's organic farm. We started out with three unique version 1 blends in 2013 and people loved them! But we never stop trying to make our muesli even better, better ingredients, better blends, and better taste. In winter of 2015 we did version 2, with four blends including our first gluten free blend. In summer of 2018 I introduced yet another set of new and improved Sean's Muesli Munch, with three great version 3 blends: Cranberry Coconut Muesli, Cinnamon Walnut Muesli and Gluten Freedom Muesli. People tried them and loved each of our unique and improved blends.

Then with continued experimentation of mixing ingredients and new provisioning, we saw even more we could do to improve the quality of Sean's Muesli Munch. So with the beginning of a whole new year we took a big step -- moving into a new processing plant in San Luis Obispo to better serve you by crafting only the best gluten free and no added sugar blends. In 2020 we introduced version 4, Gluten Freedom Original (packed with walnuts and the most seeds) and Gluten Freedom Cinnamon (with coconut and the most spice).

Sean's two new blends since 2020! Now there is no excuse not to have a great start to an amazing day or an excellent snack along the way. With Sean's Organic Muesli Munch in these two unique flavors you will never get tired of eating it. But don't think we have stopped thinking about getting better, we're open to all your ideas! So, please, send us feedback about our new improved Muesli Munch blends, as well as any new special blends you'd like to see down the road. 

Enjoy! Sean