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Sean's Muesli Munch New and Improved !
    Please drop us a line if you have questions or suggestions!  We'd love to hear from you.  New Recipes are always welcome.  If you change your address, email or phone (or if you have a summer address and a winter address you want us to know about) you can always update it through this contact form.   Just enter all or any new info and put a message to us that this is a change and to please update your account!  We're glad to do it!

WHOLESALE FOLKS: To set up a wholesale account or, if you are interested in a wholesale account, in the message box list your legal company name, kind of store you are (Whole Foods, Farmer's Market, Coffee House, etc.), your EIN and State business license number and shipping/billing address.

And if we were referred to you by one of your customers, we'd love to thank them so please include their name and email address.   We'll get back with you ASAP to get you up and going!