Your Feedback Matters!

 New Muesli Munch with Cinnamon!
Announcing Three Updated Blends of Sean's Organic Muesli Munch!

It's the start of a new year and here at Sean's Muesli Munch that means some big changes -- much of which is due to your great feedback and increased sales for Sean's Organic Muesli Munch!
   First, we are opening a new processing facility in San Luis Obispo as I write this blog. This will accommodate our growth and make it easier to ship out to you.  Most importantly though, we've updated the quality and recipes of all our organic muesli blends.
    Secondly, because of the market we were able to procure even better quality ingredients and more locally grown ingredients -- and we never hold up change when we have a chance to make Sean's Muesli Munch even better. So while we were doing that we decided this would be a good time to tweak our blends using your great feedback, which goes to show you YOUR FEEDBACK MATTERS!  So keep sending us feedback.
    Since launching Muesli Munch at the tail end of 2013, my goal of providing a healthy alternative to sugary granolas, a tasty alternative to bland oatmeal, and using the highest quality organic ingredients has continued. And thanks to all of you we continue to improve because of customer feedback. Muesli Munch blends used to have gluten from spelt, rye and barley, but due to overwhelming feedback, Gluten Freedom Muesli was launched and quickly became our best seller. Noticing the overwhelming amount of sales from the muesli blends without added sugar, the blend with sweetened cranberries was discontinued.
    It's January of 2020 and we are launching Version 4 of our recipe blends and new labels -- every Muesli Munch blend is now gluten free with 0g added sugar! 

   Now to introduce our three new blends...  Gluten Freedom Cinnamon, which is actually the exact same recipe as Gluten Freedom Muesli. Gluten Freedom Original, very much like Cinnamon Walnut Muesli, but with 100% whole grain oats replacing the rye and barley, the raisins are deliciously dusted in tasty cinnamon, and the walnuts are large chucks like no one else has!. Our last new blend is Gluten Freedom Cocoa, with fair trade Dutch cocoa powder as its signature taste.  As you can see ALL three blends are now GLUTEN FREE so your munching can be as healthy as it is tasty!  Enjoy!

I can’t thank all our Muesli Munch customers enough for your feedback and support over the years. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with comments or questions. 

Enjoy! Sean