Welcome to Sean's Muesli Munch - A Great New Way to Do Breakfast !

Sean's Muesli Munch - Two Great Ways to Kick-Start Your Day!

Having tried many different cereal varieties and blends in stores, I found the European traditional Muesli to be the healthiest, and our American Granola to be the best tasting. But the European Muesli needs a day ahead preparation time ... and that didn't fit my American lifestyle of eating on-the-go. Plus it didn't have the same full flavor as granola. I wanted something healthy, but was not satisfied with the prep time involved or the lack of robust flavor. Plus, I am an active guy and very much into fitness, so I wanted something more nutritious than granola to fuel my workouts without all the sugar and/or fat. And like most American's I wanted it quick. Quick, healthy and with lots of long lasting energy.

 So I decided to do what many innovative entrepreneurs would do, set out to create a new product to solve people’s needs. I went on a mission to create the very best breakfast cereal I could, one that was great tasting, healthy, energy packed and quick to serve. I started experimenting with my own batches of the best quality organic cereal grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. After testing out new blends every week for over a year, I found just the right combination of ingredients that were everything I needed health-wise and tasted great. I created formulas with nine organic ingredients to give every cereal blend the optimal combination of flavor and nutrition, with that, Muesli Munch was born!

The blends I developed are a hybrid breakfast cereal that lies between traditional European muesli and American granola. Sean's Muesli Munch is crispy and ready to eat like granola, yet healthy and light as Muesli. As I was passionate about organic foods having grown up on an organic subtropical fruit farm on the Central Coast of California, I decided to make sure Sean's Muesli Munch was certified organic and Non-GMO. Try each of our unique blends, Cranberry Coconut Muesli and Pumpkin Pecan Muesli to have a great start to an amazing day or an excellent snack along the way. And please, send us feedback about our current blends, and new blends you'd like to see down the road. Walnut Currant Muesli and Gluten Freedom Muesli™ is coming soon.

 Enjoy!  Sean